Babu88 Bangladesh – Official Website for Online Sports Betting and Casino Games

Babu88 is an online casino and mobile application that allows users to bet on sports and play casino games. It is apopular betting platform in Bangladesh and offers a wide variety of games, including cricket, football, basketball, and baccarat.


Licensing and Regulation

Regardless of Babu88’s licensing status, it is important to note that online gambling is in a legal grey zone by law in the markets in which it operates, namely India and Bangladesh. As such, even possessing an officially recognized license from an official body such as the Malta Gaming Authority or Gambling Commission of England would not apply to users in these markets.

As there would be no legal recourse for users, you are advised to remain cautious when engaging with the Babu88 platform. Babu88 is, however, a legacy brand in the market and has stood the test of time so far.

Babu88 Mobile App for Android and IOS

As there would be no legal recourse for users, you are advised to remain cautious when engaging with the Babu88 platform. Babu88 is, however, a legacy brand in the market and has stood the test of time so far.

Babu88 is fully optimized for mobile usage through your phone browser, for both IOS and Android Operating System (OS), which you can access on the official site.

If you prefer to access Babu88 via mobile app, this option is also available for users. It replicates the browser version and features a more convenient mobile interface, with a slightly faster or snappy feel on use since some of the media files are stored locally.

To download the Babu88 app, simply follow the steps below:

Babu88 Mobile App for Android and IOS

Babu88 Mobile App for Android and IOS

Before starting the installation process, make sure that you fulfill the system requirements to run and install the file:

Version4.0 or later
Size of mobile80MB
Supported Android DevicesSamsung, Xiami, Huwaei, and more

Follow the following steps to download the Babu88 app:

1. Open your browser on your Android gadget. This can be either Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any other browser that you choose.


2. Type the following domain

Babu88 APK Step2

3. You will see the pop-up on the top of the page with a button to download the app version of Babu88. Simply click and your download will begin immediately.

Babu88 APK Step3

4. Depending on the version of Android your phone is running, you may be prompted to allow apps from unknown sources to be installed. If not, you will need to adjust it from your settings menu.

Babu88 APK Step4

5. Run the Babu88 APK file and confirm the installation

Babu88 APK Step5

In just a few seconds, you will be able to launch the software via shortcut with the babu88 logo. If you are having problems configuring the program on your phone, you can contact us through customer support on your phone browser and a customer representative will walk you through the steps.

Babu88 App for iOS mobile devices

There is unfortunately no available version of the Babu88 mobile application for iPhone.

The mobile app version of Babu88 is available in APK format only, and installing an APK on an iOS device is impossible as both platforms are incompatible.

Don’t fret however, as you will still be able to access the platform, and enjoy all the same features and games through your Safari browser, native to all Apple devices.

<Note that regardless of how Babu88 is accessed, you are required to have an internet connection to play on the platform.>

Online Casino Betting and Games Available on  Babu88 Casino 

As an online casino and mobile betting platform, naturally, a key feature for users would be the availability of gaming options available. Fortunately for users, Babu88 casino excels here, and provides a wide range of different games and game types from all the most popular providers in the iGaming industry, most notably:

  • Live Casino- Casino games that feature a host or even a live stream of the dealer
    • AE Casino- Sexy Baccarat
    • Evolution Gaming- Crazy Time
  • Slots- Online version of the slot machine.
    • Jili Gaming- Money Coming
  • Table Games- Traditional games of chance that can be found in your local casino
    • Sic Bo
    • Blackjack
    • Roulette
  • Crash Gambling- Characterized typically by high-risk reward games. The multiples go up on your bets until it finally crashes.
    • Aviator
    • Spribe

In addition to the online casino, Babu88 specializes in online sports betting which we cover in the following section.

<Note that as part of gambling responsibly, you should take note of the odds of the game that you are playing as they can differ depending on the game type and provider.>

Babu88 Sportsbook and Cricket Exchange

Babu88 Sportsbook is available to all players from their serviced geographies in India and Bangladesh. The cricket exchange platforms available are Betswiz and Dream Exchange. In addition to allowing sports betting on all upcoming matches of all the major league matches such as Twenty20, Indian Premier League (IPL), or Bangladesh Premier League (IPL), it also provides users with info on live scores, match information, and odds.

The Sportsbook on the other hand encompasses all kinds of sports and tournaments. These also include cricket tournaments like the International Cricket Council (ICC), and Caribbean Premier League (CPL), but also different sports games like baseball, football, table tennis, etc.

So whether you are looking for sports betting on the FIFA World Cup, or you’re a tennis connoisseur ready to wager on a player taking it all in the upcoming Wimbledon, Babu88 has you covered.

<Note that e-sports such as Dota2, or Shooter Games are not available yet on the Babu88 sportsbook>

Babu88 Sports

In addition to the betting platform and sportsbook, Babu88 also has Babu88’s sports news platform. Under this entity, Babu88 has sponsored multiple cricket teams for example Montreal Tigers and Dambula Aura in 2023. You can follow and keep up with all the latest trends and news at

Babu88 Registration

Before playing on Babu88 Casino, you will first need to register on the platform. This process has been made simpler now as Babu88 continuously works on improving the user experience.

  1. Input your desired username and password
  2. Key in your personal phone number for verification purposes

Make sure that you do not have an account already registered, or it may return an error that detects fraud from duplicate IDs. If you have forgotten your babu88 login credentials, you can retrieve them by contacting customer support and providing your phone number.

Deposit at Babu88

Now that you have registered your Babu88 account, you need to deposit before you can enjoy the games on the app. The deposit process is slightly different depending on where you are from, so follow the instructions below based on where you are located.

Babu88 Bangladesh Deposit

  1. Once you log in to your account, go to the top right corner as shown and click on “deposit now”
  2. On the Deposit page, choose the payment method suited for you, as well as the amount. You can put a custom amount as well but the minimum deposit starts at 200 bdt for Nagad and Dpay, and 500 bdt for BKash and xxx.
  3. Once completed, you will be directed to the payment processing page. Here, you will be provided with the account number to do the transaction. Now you will make the payment transfer from your phone, and once completed, input the transaction ID and click submit.
  4. You will receive a confirmation notification in your Babu88 account within 10 minutes of your transaction. If not, refresh the page and your account should be credited with your deposit amount.

Babu88 India Deposit

The steps for depositing if you are located in India are the same in Bangladesh, the only difference is you are required to verify your phone number via OTP first, which will be prompted when you go to the deposit page, and also set up your bank account details.

  1. Once logged in to your account, go to the top right corner as shown and click on “deposit now”
  2. You will see a pop-up to verify your number. Click on request OTP, and input the 6-digit number sent to your mobile phone via SMS to confirm.
  3. Next, you will need to verify and confirm your bank details. To do so, go to your account > settings > bank details.
  4. Click on Add for Bank Details, and you will then need to input your bank details. Your IFSC Code can be recognized in the following format: SXXX00059XX, while Indian residents, there is no introduction needed to the UPI address, of which the sample format is abcdef@ybl “abcdef” can be your name, email address, or mobile number, and ‘@ybl are your bank’s initials. (Information from razorpay).
  5. Once completed, you can proceed with the standard deposit process. Navigate to the Deposit page, and input the payment method and amount.
  6. Perform the transfer, and confirm with the transaction ID. Your account will be credited and you are now able to play hassle-free on Babu88!

Babu88 Withdrawal

  1. Before requesting your withdrawal, you will need to verify your phone number if you have not already. To do so, navigate to the “My Profile” page, and click on the orange “Verify OTP” button.
  2. Then, simply go to the withdrawal, input your preferred bank account for withdrawal, and click submit. Verification can take anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes depending on the site traffic.

Babu88 Bonus and Promotions

Babu88 offers many different types of bonuses and promotions. Among them are:

  1. Betting Bonus
  2. Casino Bonus
  3. Welcome Bonus
  4. Cashback Bonus
  5. Slots Bonus
  6. Sports Betting Bonus

There are a large number of different types of promotions and each comes with their respective terms and conditions. You can review them directly on the babu88 website or find out more on our babu88 bonus page.

Babu88 VIP Betting Pass

Babu88 has a betting pass system in play to reward return players to the online betting site. The progression is based on the deposit amount, and each level increases the rewards you can earn.

The rewards include but are not limited to cashbacks for your wallet, free spins that give you a chance to win seasonal prizes, free deposit bonuses, and in the upper levels (level 100 and above), physical prizes like the latest iPhone 15 Pro Max. The highest prize features a Yamaha R15 V3.

Babu88 Affiliate Marketing

Babu88 has an outstanding affiliate marketing program that offers 2 streams depending on your access to different payment systems:

Babu88 Agent Program

If you are located in India or Bangladesh, you can apply to become a BABU88 agent. This affiliate offer is on a commission basis, with a revenue share percentage applied depending on the number of new members you can refer.

You will find many attractive promotions for agents, and very attractive revenue-based offers on successful applications to be a BABU88 agent.

Babu88 Partners

If you are an affiliate or operating an affiliate network and do not have local payment options for commissions, then you can apply to Babu88partners to become a partner. This option is suitable for affiliates that operate websites or do online marketing that yield significant traffic.

The affiliate offers are on an FTD basis, Revenue Share, or a hybrid model of both. You will need to discuss with your assigned affiliate manager to find the model that best works for you.

In general, the payouts are approximately $25 per successful first-time deposit (FTD), or up to 40% revenue share of gross gaming revenue.

Babu88 Customer Support

Are you facing trouble with the registration or deposit process? Or perhaps you are facing a delay in withdrawal?

Whatever issue that you are facing, we suggest contacting the babu88 customer support team directly. This can be done either through the live chat on the Babu88 homepage. Simply log in to your account, and click on the bottom right chatbox to start a conversation.

Before the chat begins, you will need to input your username and use the dropdown menu to choose the issue you are facing. A customer representative will be with you shortly.

Alternatively, you can contact customer support via email. Their contact details can be found by navigating to the About Us page at the bottom of the Babu88 page. Once there, simply click Contact Us.

For your convenience, here are the key accounts that you can reach:

Customer Service

[email protected]


[email protected]


[email protected]


Frquently Asked Questions

Does Babu88 accept deposits in BDT (Bangladesh taka, ৳)?

Yes, Babu88 accepts transactions in Bangladesh taka ৳, as well as Indian Rupee, ₹.

How do I claim bonuses on Babu88?

Bonuses are claimed either at the deposit stage using the dropdown menu, or by clicking apply now on the selected bonus/promotion. You can find all the available promotions and their terms and conditions on on Babu88’s promotion page.

How can I get assistance or support on Babu88?

You can get support by contacting the Babu88 customer service team. You can follow the steps outlined here.

Do I need to register separately for Babu88 App?

No, Babu88 App and Babu88 from your browser runs on the same software, so creating an account on either platform will grant you full access to all services.

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